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High Quality Grade Beans

Unlock exclusive shipping deals with your online purchases! Enjoy a flat shipping rate of just  $2.50 (Please allow 3-4 bussiness days.) Shipped via U.S. Postal Service,UPS, or FedEx depending on order size across the Continental United States, and guess what? Orders over $50 ship absolutely free!

Ever pondered the cost of your coffee shop visits? Whether it's $5 or $8 per cup, we invite you to make a difference with your purchase. Join our "Cups for Pups" campaign, where a portion of your purchase supports Lifeline Service Dogs. This amazing organization offers free training for service dogs, assisting veterans and children.

Here's something for our coffee enthusiasts to note:

  • Our Whole Bean Coffee is freshly roasted on the day it ships.

  • Our Ground Coffee receives an extra day for off-gassing, ensuring it's roasted to perfection before it makes its journey to you.

Dive into our coffee yield details and discover how many cups each of our offerings makes:

  • 12oz bag yields 17-21 cups

  • 1lb bag gives you around 32 cups

  • Opt for a 2lb bag and enjoy up to 64 cups

  • Our 5lb option delivers a whopping 120 12oz cups

  • And for tea lovers, our 3oz pack makes 38 delightful cups

Cost per cup? It's more affordable than you think:

  • From approximately $0.95 to $1.18 per cup for a 12oz bag

  • Just about $0.78 per cup from a 1lb bag

  • A mere $0.67 per cup with our 2lb bag

  • An unbeatable $0.53 per 12 oz cup from the 5lb bag

  • And our tea? Approximately $0.45 per cup

Make your purchase count for more than just great taste.

Sample Packs

Dont Know what to Pick? Grab one of our sample packs.
Dont Know what to Pick? Grab one of our sample packs.
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